Operation Supervisor

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Nov 21, 2022
Not Specified
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


A. Monitors the fleet control process and other legal & governmental issues related to vehicles, providing instructions and guidance on major cases and complications.
a. Follows up with the VC Foremen, regarding discrepancies in vehicle maintenance and repairs, reviewing related report.
b. Provides instructions and guidance regarding vehicle abuse and unreported accidents.
c. Coordinates with Fleet Maintenance Management regarding major break downs and malfunctioning.
d. Performs occasional spot checks on vehicle cleanliness, providing remarks accordingly to the Collection Manager.
e. Follows up on vehicle inspection, coordination with the Collection Manager, the Governmental Affairs and the Fleet Maintenance.
f. Coordinates with the Governmental Affairs regarding vehicles registration, Mechanic process, Driving license and other related governmental and legal issues.
g. Sends work progress report to the Project Manager.
B. Manages the vehicle dispatch process, following up on the vehicles conditions, providing instructions and guidance on major cases and complications.
a. Approves daily dispatch plan, follows up on related activities with the Vehicle Control Foremen.
b. Approves allocation of standby vehicles and drivers to a given area as per City Cleaning Operation’s Request
c. Reviews and approves Performance Report for Vehicles and Fleet Utilization Report, forwarding them to the Project Manager.
C. Monitors expenditures and budget of assigned area, forecasting needs in manpower, material and equipment.
a. Estimates, on yearly basis, needed material, equipment and manpower in comparison with previous expenditures and send related report to the City Cleaning Project Manager on periodical basis.
b. Monitors overtimes hours, ensuring not to exceed the set number of hours per individual.
c. Reduce expenditure of budgeted material and tools during expected low seasons.
d. Coordinates with concerned department to secure the provision of needed materials.
e. Assists the Project Manager in budget preparation.
D. Follows up on personnel related issue and monitors staff performance.
a. Takes disciplinary actions, as needed, gets Project Manager’s approval and forwards requests to the HR.
b. Assesses staff performance, identifies training opportunities and ensures staff development by recommending necessary trainings.
c. Assesses subordinates’ performance as per set criteria, recommending incentive payments for staff members.
d. Participates in staffing and promotion decisions and communicates to the concerned.
e. Reviews departmental KPIs regularly to ensure actual performance meets planned performance and assesses subordinates’ performance as per set criteria
f. Monitors / Approves departmental submittals, submitting required documents and other processes - PRs, PM, disciplinary action, certificates, attendance sheets, to ensure proper flow of work.

E. Responsible to comply with the applicable Health and Safety procedures, and requirements provided during trainings and as listed in the OHS Policies and Procedures; reporting occurrences, violations and acts that may affect staff safety.

F. Performs other tasks and activities as requested.
A. Education:
• BA in Management or any related field
• Driving License Grade 2
B. Experience:
Five to seven years of work experience in related field
C. Knowledge / Skills / Abilities:
a. Instills Discipline
b. Is Resourceful
c. Delivers Achievement
d. Communicates Transparently
e. Builds Teamwork
f. Focuses Future

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