Senior Accountant

General Information

Job Type:
Accounting/ Finance
Date Posted:
Nov 23, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Hierarchy : Director of Administration and Finance
Chief Accountant
Job Summary:
To be able to control the accounting daily work and tasks, while handling weekly/monthly closing
procedures, and assisting the Chief Accountant.
Main Tasks:
 Post journal entries onto the accounting system (Payments, Bank, Closing Entries…);
 Prepare/review accounting entries & facilitate the Chief Accountant and the Director of
Administration & Finance review & approval;
 Prepare cheques- transfers for Management approvals;
 Execute payments, including salaries payments, when applicable; post salary transactions and
payments in the accounting system, based on the calculation and order received from the Chief
 Coordinate with the Chief Accountant & the Director of Administration & Finance to fill and pay out
taxes & social security contributions;
 Prepare and post the accruals and prepayments onto the accounting system, in coordination with
the Chief Accountant for their calculation, and the monitoring of the corresponding accounts for
proper re-allocation between the P&L and the balance sheet over the future periods;
 Monitor the reversal of accruals upon receipt and booking of invoices for avoiding over-stating the
 Review the accuracy of bad debt provisions;
 Prepare, Maintain & Review the fixed assets registry;
 Receive any fixed assets/materials ordered by the department under the supervision of the Chief
Accountant and the Director of Administration & Finance;
 Follow up with other departments to obtain their delivery notes of assets;
 Manage the management and related parties transactions and review the corresponding entries
onto the accounting system;
 Check the allocation of revenues and expenses onto different budget lines &/or classes;
 Prepare the calculation and analysis of all period end transactions for the Chief Accountant and the
Director of Administration & Finance reviews;
 Review all transactions posted onto the accounting system on a daily basis and validate each one
of them;
 Review the supporting documents for each journal entry pursuant to Lebanese law & A&A’s
internal policies;
 Review the payroll, NSSF, Salary Tax & VAT calculation and transactions posted onto the
accounting system;
 Run the P&L check and balance sheet clean-up on a monthly basis;
 Prepare reconciliations and studies to the management based on ad-hoc requests from
management on specific subjects;
 Do other accounting or administrative work including, preparing cover letters, payroll, expenses
orders, update database, etc… before deadlines & at the request of the Chief Accountant and the
Director of Administration & Finance.

-2+ years of professional accounting experience
-Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or Economics or equivalent experience
-Strong analytical, communication, and computer skills.
-Understanding of accounting and financial processes.
-Ethical behavior.
-Attention to detail.

Salary: In Fresh USD.

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