General Information

Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Date Posted:
Feb 02, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Main Duties

1. Record all expenses on daily basis.
2. Make sure that all proceeds received from clients, are recorded and then transferred to bank the same day.
3. Record and check all Receipts and Payment vouchers on a daily basis.
4. Record and keep copy of all payments done to clients.
5. Prepare and send the detailed sales reports on a daily basis.
6. Prepare the monthly salary for all company employees.
7. Prepare & submit the monthly social security report and payments on a monthly basis.
8. Prepare & submit employee income tax on quarterly basis.
9. Prepare & submit the VAT report on Quarterly Basis
10. Prepare a monthly Profit & loss account and compare it against the Budget.
11. Perform monthly Bank Reconciliation and send it to the auditor/owner.
12. Preparing a weekly client aging analysis.
13. Prepare a statement of all existing company assets, for each product separately.
14. Identifying the assets used by the management, in order to distribute the cost.
15. Preparing a monthly Depreciation report.
16. Make sure to implement company policies regarding all accounting transactions.
17. Preparing client commission & override commission when applicable.
18. Liaising with other departments and business units on a range of issues.
19. Forecasting cash payments and preparing cash flow statements weekly.
20. Keep your documents filing & storage system up to date.


2 years minimum experience, preferably in the travel trade industry.
Must have excellent time management and able to multitask.
Must be credible, honest and trustworthy.
Must be able to meet deadlines.
Proficiency in using accounting software and MS Excel.
Great communication skills in English.

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