Sales Manager

General Information

Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Date Posted:
Feb 02, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Purpose Statement:

The Sales Manager is expected to focus on identifying, qualifying, driving, and ultimately closing opportunities in the Lebanese Market. This will demand the ability to develop high value relationships both with customers as well as internally. The Sales Manager is expected to identify and define customer needs, articulating our value proposition, differentiating from the competition, and ultimately positioning the company as a strategic and leading technology partner in the Lebanese market.

Sales Manager Tasks and duties:
• Pro-actively research, identify and target prospective business and new revenue opportunities using existing and growing network of meaningful contacts so he can develop and build a new business sales plan within your market.
• Build and maintain a sales pipeline of qualified opportunities within the Lebanese market or portfolio of accounts on a quarterly and yearly basis.
• Attend a weekly discussion with regional Sales Manager to update and enhance the sales reports.
• Work with the Sales Department as necessary to support the Sales process to maximize expertise and knowledge sharing, through the provision of accurate and up to date information relating to the generation of leads, management of prospects and the generation of proposals.
• To achieve your monthly and yearly target set by management in coordination with you for the agents under your profile as it is an integral part of your duty which is considered as a commitment from you.
• Work with sales and helpdesk departments ensuring that the handover of new accounts is carried out in an organized and effective manner.
• Liaise with other internal departments as required to ensure smooth running of all customer interactions.
• To achieve daily tele sales call for new agencies or non-active agencies.
• To attend weekly meetings with GM to discuss challenges and opportunities.
• Effectively engage with prospects or customers to fully understand their business needs and identify and build new business opportunities, developing a strong business relationship with key decision makers and influencers.
• Maintain high market intelligence as appropriate (competition, trends, industry news…)
• Identify and analyze competition continuously and report to the GM.
• Develop monthly strategies to further increase market share monthly.
• To ensure the prompt and systematic servicing of all agencies.
• To assist in case of any emergency inside the office, and outside it through the emergency or his business number anytime.
• To report any complaint related to the principal to the GM, who in his/her role, will take necessary action or give necessary advice.
• Submit an advanced weekly sales plan to be presented to the General Manager every week.
• He / she will supervise the sales team, coach and train the sales team, in addition to reviewing their weekly plans and daily reports before preparing a summary to the GM.

Communication duties with customers:

• To ensure a communication by emails must be formal and with no abbreviation’s words.
• To build a very respectable and strong partnership with their clients, leading to positive feedbacks.
• To acknowledge all received emails and calls within the same working day.
• Communication must always be done in writing, through emails, between the different departments.
• During sales calls, to always show respect towards competition while discussing it with customers.
• He / she will be reporting directly to the General Manager of the company

Communication with other colleagues:

• To ensure a smooth communication and good teamwork skills are required with all departments
• To coach, lead, assist and monitor his colleagues when requested.

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