Technical Operator

General Information

Job Type:
Manufacturing/ Operations
Date Posted:
May 29, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


The Technical Operator is responsible for setting up and operating plastic mixing, calendaring, extruding, and molding processing machines used to manufacture plastic parts and products.

Key Responsibilities:

-Set up molding machine parameters to produce quality acceptable parts for production.
-Troubleshoot and perform process changes as needed on the machines.
-Perform mold changes quickly and efficiently as scheduled.
-Ensure machines are running efficiently and producing products within the standard.
-Set up all auxiliary and secondary equipment as required.
-Measures and loads materials, items, and ingredients for mixing into machines and feeding mechanisms.
-Throws flash and rejected parts into the grinder machine to be recycled.
Train operators in running production parts.
-Monitoring their rates and part quality.
-Set up new tools and help establish and document the optimum processes.
-Replace standard components within the mold such as inserts, springs, ejector pins, and fittings.
-Provide emergency/unscheduled repairs of production equipment during operation and perform scheduled maintenance repairs of production equipment during machine service.
-Perform TPM (preventive maintenance of equipment) according to defined plans.
Maintain production records.

Qualifications and Experience:

-Technical or Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Maintenance or a related field.
-3 – 4 years of related experience in a manufacturing environment especially in the blow molding industry & Injection.
-Work all shifts flexibly when the job demands.

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