Procurement Specialist

General Information

Malia Group
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Feb 22, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Purpose:

- Responsible for the timely and accurate purchase of material while ensuring compliance with set terms and conditions.
- Seek to maximize value of the company by reducing cost and time, improving quality, and avoiding stock shortage.
- Responsible for handling and maintaining the procurement department databases while ensuring timely and accurate follow up with all concerned parties.
- Perform duties in accordance with Malia Group Policies and Procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities:

On Procurement Process

- Follow up with respective supplier to dispatch shipments on time, ensure conformity & availability of shipping documents before arrival of shipment (such as Insurance, invoices, PL, B/L, COC, COO...) to avoid delay in clearing process
- Ensure accuracy and availability of needed documents such as Proforma, Price list, Invoice (v/s PO), Batch list, Packing list, Bill of lading-COC-COO
- Monitor closely the clearing process to avoid any unjustified delay and take corrective actions in case of occurrence by escalating the issue
- Execute Charges repartition & Landed cost of received shipments for each supplier (Check Insurance, Forwarder & Clearing agent invoices, Issue receipts, Check receipts v/s invoices, Value & POSM items)
- Create Accounts Payable invoices accurately, allocate the needed accounts and charges by item and verify landed cost on related receipts
- Issue purchase orders and receipts accurately. Create suppliers and ensure accurate banking information
- Send Debit Notes to all principals through proper maintenance of required files and records and follow up on reception
- Update GIT, Landed cost, Insurance & Quotation files timely and accurately
- Prepare the insurance file and follow-up on reimbursement in case of any missing or damages items. Follow up with supplier on credit note in case the missing items were from supplier’s end
- Send and track DHL courier, ensure complete documentation of DHL file and follow up on payment alignment between DHL invoice, AWB receipt and Purchase Order
- Ensure Items Creation are done accurately (Conversion-Inventory category-Sales & Costs Accounts-Purchasing accounts for POSM items – Master item-etc…)
- Run bi-annual bids and share detailed analysis

On Accounting & Financial Support

- Assist the Accounting department with the suppliers’ dues and invoices maturity dates
- Follow up on suppliers Statement of Accounts and take immediate corrective action in case of discrepancies
- Prepare and send invoices and all other documents to initiate bank transfers

On Data Entry

- Check M-Force receipts v/s PO and supplier invoice and correct any discrepancies
- Data entry on EBS and shared folders such as GIT, Accounting, Landed cost, etc…
- Monitor the alignment between both systems EBS & M-Force and correct any discrepancies

- Education: BA in Management or Supply Chain Management.

- Experience: Minimum 1 year of relevant experience

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