Assistant Stock Keeper

General Information

Job Type:
Manufacturing/ Operations
Date Posted:
Mar 03, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


For a factory in Bchamoun, We are looking for an Assistant Stock Keeper.
Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or TS in the Business field
Experience: 1 year working in stock with data entry
Skills: Ability to transfer the items physically from location to location and count the quantities without any error

Ability to work on many floors with different locations of stock and capability to move items in manner time.

Job Description :
1-Keeping a record and maintaining cycle counts of the entire
Inventory in the store.

2- Receiving and Verifying the inventory with the Adjusting in Adjusting out till the production Module will be done.

3- Reporting Loss, damage, and any such discrepancies to the supervising authorities

4-Storing all goods and stacking them appropriately.

5-Labeling tagging and packaging of the goods.

6- Maintaining cleanliness and order in the workplace, and Complying with all safety norms while carrying out work functions.

7- Coordination with production in determining the minimum and maximum limits for each item and the commitment to re-order through the Noria program

8-Ensure that all items are stored in the appropriate place and locked and take responsibility for the difference in quantities between the program and the physical count.

9-Post all transfers between the manufacturing departments till reaching the assembly department.

10- Commitment not to keep any manufactured item inside any department at the end of each day and to ensure that it is moved to a closed warehouse

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