Facility Coordinator

General Information

Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Feb 01, 2024
350$ Fresh
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Company at Beirut - Cola Wants a Facility Coordinator
Priority for living nearby area.
Job requirements
Follow up on all the affairs and needs of the building and its requirements, in addition to the needs of the departments
Coordinating practical, administrative and organizational matters in the unit in accordance with the objectives of the association
Business conduct and organization, as well as the tasks and costs that fall within the framework.
Job Description

Control and regulate the use of building facilities and all their necessities, with what this requires in terms of introducing new systems and amending others according to the need
Carrying out periodic tours of all departments of the center checking the progress of the work of the building management staff, arranging the departments and rooms, and following up on their cleanliness.
Follow up on general maintenance, guarding, cleaning and work scheduling matters
Archiving and organizing the keys of all departments of the center in a special safe and on the computer, with controlling the receipt and delivery of copies of the keys through signatures of undertakings to that effect.
Follow-up and logistical supervision of the works in the building
Securing the needs of the departments in cooperation with the General Administration / Procurement Unit - Informatics Unit
Sending, receiving and preparing administrative notes and reports related to assigned tasks and work
Monitor petty cash disbursement
Follow up the preparation of halls and classes for lectures, courses and activities.
Preparing a monthly report on all maintenance and operation works to determine the works that have been completed and their related costs.
Roles and responsibilities

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