Session Maker/Body Physio - Bioskinspa Hazmieh

General Information

BioSwiss Group
Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Nov 30, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Ensure rooms clealiness, equipments are in good shape and performance, tools and products are available at all times. • Check list of appointment (LOA) along with the therapist availability in order to prevent any shortage in staff. • Performs tests using (3D skin diagnosis or Nano hair tester or In-body analysis) for customers and registers the note on the customer info. • Manage the customer sessions to eliminate any risk of misunderstanding. • Update customer record card (CRC) details in case of any change. • Introduces and explains the session benefits to the customer, as well as when the customer moves from a step to another as per the machine protocol (MPR). • Train the JSM on all machines, products and procedures. • Ensure that the training given is properly implemented with customers. • Ensure excellent customer service to all customers from the time of the visit up to exit. • Abide the code of practice for hygiene (CPH) and code of conduct (COC) in spa. • Implement the Monthly program (MPR). • Become the client’s beauty therapist; suggest additional treatments and products needed, follow up on their progress and orders, demonstrate how to use them and answer all their questions to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Be an expert on all the services available and their related products to perform sessions in compliance with set protocols. Superb knowledge in consumer products; indications and counter indications. • Upsell & Cross Sell by referring her client to different departments; hair, skin & body, to increase overall turnover. • Reach set weekly, monthly and yearly individual target and effectively contribute to the branch’s target; instilling team spirit within the branch. • Follow up on pending sessions • Coordinate with the Advisor and ensure selling the active customers are purchasing a service or product for a specified period of time. • Performing a minimum of eight sessions per day for higher productivity and increased turnover. • Actively maintain all equipment used in good condition and record all materials used on its related checklist. • Prepare daily reports on activities and performed sessions results. • Actively seek to attend all company’s meetings, trainings, workshops and events. • Understand and abide by the company’s Internal Rules and Regulations (IRR). • Follow all Operating Procedures as set by the Company.

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