General Information

Coffee Shop in Beirut
Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Date Posted:
May 23, 2023
2000 USD - Fresh
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Create ‘Instagramable/Tick Tok’ products (F&B)
Working with fresh ingredients, you’ll be developing & cooking our dishes,
translating these into viable concepts, working with the training team to turn the
concepts into real time dishes, ensuring that quality and consistency is
We expect that you’ll have experience in restaurants/café kitchens and lots of
Key Attributes:
o Creativity
o Create beautiful dishes that run-in conjunction with: Marketing
Calendars, new menu rotations, seasonal changes, limited time offers
(Christmas). Taking inspiration from social media trends.
o Take inspiration from experience and what competitors are doing to
Identify how we can elevate our offering to the next level.
o Creativity comes in the form of showing technical skill, creativity
with how ‘Wow’ dishes can be created in a FMCG business, creativity
with how we can hit new markets and clientele, creativity in how
dishes are assembles so they can be executed in under 10 steps
o Efficiencies - You will need to consider for each product line how it can be
recreated in a low skill environment, utilising existing ingredients in the
estate, cross-utilising existing batches in the estate and identify how new
products/ingredients can be cross utilised across the menu.
o Food Trends – keep you finger on the food trend pulse. Have a detailed
understanding of how the market is evolving and understand emerging
o Operations – Each dish will need to be financially viable (generate an
average Gross Margin of between 70-75%). Dishes created will also need to
reflect the skill set on site and be conscious that food needs to be made in
under 15 mins maximum.
o Time management and organisational skills – The candidate will be
manging their time and multiple projects at one time, so it is important to
budget time. From budgets and roadmaps, solid timekeeping and project
management capability is essential.
o Food Safety
o As an NPD manager understanding food safety is paramount. It is
important to consider equipment limitations and how each
dish/batch can be designed in accordance with HACCP. How will the
batch be prepared safely if heating and cooling is required?
o Understand critical control points and limitations to the operation
o Manage health and safety in the kitchen, using the company systems
and ensuring all documentation is up to date

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