Biomedical Engineering

General Information

IBO Services
Job Type:
Date Posted:
May 29, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Function and Related Performance Criteria

We have a bold vision : we want to be the leading innovator in our field, with skilled employees who are motivated to deliver the best patient outcomes for our clients.

As a Biomedical Engineer, you will be expected to act according to our vision and contribute to a professional and pleasant atmosphere both between colleagues and in patient relations. Moreover, you will be required to work in accordance with the codes and relevant guidelines of your professional licensing body.

Duties And Responsibilities

You will be expected to achieve a high standard of performance as a biomedical engineer while you deliver on the following broad Job requirements, the details of which will be provided to you in your job description:

• Inspect the functional status of all equipment and provide a certificate to that effect, also provide a certificate of Beyond Economic Repair for all equipment to be written off.
• Confirm the status of the equipment in inventory for purposes of assuring end users as to whether the equipment, especially in the PMLS (patient Monitoring and life support systems) and IVD (in Vitro Diagnostics) fields.
• Perform preventive and corrective maintenance and calibration of all equipment installed
• Prepare a master list of the spares and parts required for regular service, preventive and corrective maintenance.
• Schedule maintenance and repair services for all medical equipment.
• Training and mentoring services to hospital personnel, and in safe operation of medical equipment/devices.
• Emergency response service for work related to equipment maintenance and repair works on short notice.
• Equipment Operational Services (daily checks/monitoring operations and recording in log-books, emergency response and repairs on short notice).
• Operate within your designated role, or in other roles as directed by the Technical Services Manager.
Qualification Required & Experience

• Experience: Ideal candidate must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience.
• Education : Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree, Biomedical Engineering of an approved University.
• Candidate must be ready to learn and familiarize themselves with working in a multidisciplinary environment
• Ability to work in a team
• Highly efficient documentation skills
• Excellent analytical skills
• Fluent in English and French (Speaking, Writing and reading).

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