Restautant Floor Manager

General Information

The Top Talent
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Burkina Faso
Date Posted:
Sep 03, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


-Organize daily dining room teams.
-Ensure proper management of the store, including sales displays, deliveries, and table service.
-Organize and control dining room service (table setups, table settings, kitchen-dining room communication, etc.).
-Ensure hygiene and service quality in the dining room.
-Supervise and welcome guests in the restaurant and at events.
-Ensure perfect and timely setup for breaks, cocktails, meals, and other catering activities for groups.
-Seek daily opportunities for improvement and share them with the teams to collectively contribute to workplace development.
-Coordinate and monitor cash register activities.
-Supervise cash register setup at the beginning of shifts.
-Perform necessary checks for account reconciliations.
-Ensure the availability of cash for facilitating transactions.
-Propose, organize, and evaluate initial and ongoing training.
-Regularly check the condition of equipment in the dining room and supervise repairs and maintenance.
-Participate in monthly inventories and regular checks.
-Maintain regular communication with superiors.
-Master cash register reconciliations and analyze discrepancies from these reconciliations.
-Participate in the receipt of goods and services after various events.
-Periodically compile reports for superiors.

Good command of French is required.

Basic salary USD 2,000-2500 + single shared accomodation (independent master bedroom) + 1 month annual leave and ticket + medical insurance.

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