Functional Medicine Consultant

General Information

Expertise Recruitment
Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Sep 26, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Position Overview:
We are looking for an experienced Internal Medicine/GP/Family Medicine Practitioner with specialized training in Functional Medicine to provide exceptional care to our patients. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of the principles of Functional Medicine and be committed to addressing the root causes of chronic health conditions as well as preventive medicine and anti-aging.

Key Responsibilities:
Patient Assessment: Conduct thorough medical evaluations, including comprehensive medical histories, physical examinations, and innovative diagnostic testing (biological age vs chronical age; OligoScan, Genomic testing, Comprehensive Hormonal Panel, comprehensive stool analysis, food sensitivity testing, Organic Acid testing, ….) to identify underlying health issues.

Functional Medicine Approach: Utilize the principles of Functional Medicine to assess the interconnectedness of bodily systems, identify imbalances, and develop personalized treatment plans.

Holistic Care: Focus on promoting overall wellness and patient empowerment by addressing lifestyle factors, nutrition, stress management, and environmental influences.

Diagnostic Expertise: Interpret and analyze advanced laboratory results and diagnostic tests to guide treatment decisions.
Treatment Planning: Develop and implement individualized treatment plans that prioritize the restoration of optimal physiological function and address the root causes of chronic illnesses. Expertise in functional medicine practices and therapies that include IV drips, infrared sauna, Red Light Therapy, WB Cryotherapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, CVAC, floatation tanks, supplement prescriptions, Gut Health Interventions and detoxification.

Patient Education: Educate patients about their health conditions, treatment options, and lifestyle modifications to empower them to take an active role in their healthcare.
Staff Training: Train and educate staff about therapies and diagnostic tools used in the practice.
Spokesperson: Act as a spokesperson on behalf of our clinic to the media, on social platforms and other outlets.
Collaborative Care: Collaborate with other healthcare professionals, including dietitians, nurses, physiotherapists, specialists and allied health providers, to ensure comprehensive and coordinated care for patients.

Documentation: Maintain accurate and up-to-date patient records, including treatment plans, progress notes, and communication with other healthcare team members.

Medical degree (MD or DO) eligible for licensing in the state of Qatar in Internal Medicine, Endocrinologist, Family Medicine, GP or any related field .
Additional certification or training in Functional Medicine is a must.
Excellent diagnostic and problem-solving skills.
Arabic language is a plus.

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