Maintenance technician

General Information

General Paint Company
Job Type:
Construction/ Facilities
Date Posted:
Dec 05, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


The Maintenance technician is responsible for the repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment, buildings, machinery, vehicles, and industrial equipment. This role encompasses tasks such as plumbing, compressed air systems, painting, flooring repair and maintenance, electrical repairs, and the heating and air conditioning systems.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Provide supervision, guidance, and foster engagement among maintenance employees and contractors.
2. Train and lead team members to perform preventive maintenance tasks, ensuring adherence to standards and minimizing reliance on external contractors.
3. Assist and contribute to the development and implementation of plans to maintain the property, equipment, and grounds in an excellent state of repair and functionality.
4. Maintain an adequate supply of products for daily needs and emergency maintenance situations.
5. Ensure strict adherence to health and safety regulations, safe handling procedures for chemicals, fire prevention programs, and provide necessary employee training.
6. Maintain accurate records for routine inspections of all mechanical equipment to track maintenance needs and schedules.
7. Assist with overseeing the development, implementation, and adherence to all preventative maintenance programs. This includes inspections to verify that all procedures, equipment, and the building itself meet established standards.
8. Assist in managing contracted services and scheduling contractors as required for specific maintenance tasks.

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