Procurement Specialist

General Information

Malia Group
Job Type:
Transportation/ Logistics
Date Posted:
Oct 31, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee



- Responsible for the timely and accurate purchase of material while ensuring compliance with set terms and conditions.
Seek to maximize value of the company by reducing cost and time, improving quality and avoiding stock shortage.
- Responsible for handling and maintaining the procurement department databases while ensuring timely and accurate follow up with all concerned parties.
- Perform duties in accordance with Malia Group Policies and Procedures.


On Procurement Process

- Follow up with respective supplier to dispatch shipments on time, ensure conformity & availability of shipping documents before arrival of shipment (such as Insurance, invoices, PL, B/L, COC, COO...) to avoid delay in clearing process
- Ensure accuracy and availability of needed documents such as Proforma, Price list, Invoice (v/s PO), Batch list, Packing list, Bill of lading-COC-COO
- Monitor closely the clearing process to avoid any unjustified delay and take corrective actions in case of occurance by escalating the issue
- Execute Charges repartition & Landed cost of received shipments for each supplier (Check Insurance, Forwarder & - Clearing agent invoices, Issue receipts, Check receipts v/s invoices, Value & POSM items)
- Create Accounts Payable invoices accurately, allocate the needed accounts and charges by item and verify landed cost on related receipts
- Issue purchase orders and receipts accurately. Create suppliers and ensure accurate banking information
- Send Debit Notes to all principals through proper maintenance of required files and records and follow up on reception
- Update GIT, Landed cost, Insurance & Quotation files timely and accurately
- Prepare the insurance file and follow-up on reimbursement in case of any missing or damages items. Follow up with supplier on credit note in case the missing items were from supplier’s end
- Send and track DHL courier, ensure complete documentation of DHL file and follow up on payment alignment between DHL invoice, AWB receipt and Leadline Purchase Order
- Ensure Items Creation are done accurately (Conversion-Inventory category-Sales & Costs Accounts-Purchasing accounts for POSM items – Master item-etc…)
- Run bi-annual bids and share detailed analysis

On Accounting & Financial Support

- Assist the Accounting department with the suppliers’ dues and invoices maturity dates
- Follow up on suppliers Statement Of Accounts and take immediate corrective action in case of discrepancies
- Prepare and send invoices and all other documents to Mared team for them to initiate bank transfers

On Data Entry

- Check M-Force receipts v/s PO and supplier invoice and correct any descripencies
- Data entry on EBS and shared folders such as GIT, Accounting, Landed cost, etc…
- Monitor the alignment between both systems EBS & M-Force and correct any descripencies

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