Architect/ Interior- Project Developer

General Information

Job Type:
Architecture & Design
Date Posted:
Nov 26, 2023
As per company's salary struct
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


A company located in Dbayeh, is looking for an Architect / or interior architect to join the design department.

The performance responsibilities are as per below:
1. Produce a preliminary study (sketching initial design ideas) for approved projects .
2. Attend weekly inter-company multidisciplinary team meeting with sales, costing and project management team in order to be introduced to project details and specific information (budget, constraints, location, deadlines, client requirements etc.);
3. Ensure that project materials needed are available prior to undertaking any project design;
4. Produce and develop detailed workings, execution drawings and specifications based on site survey carried out / completed by project managers thus by using CAD system (computer-aided design);
5. Coordinate with the project manager on the evolution and details of projects in hand to ensure compliance with project technical requirements and site instruction;
6. Resolve problems and issues that arise during the execution drawing process by presenting practical solutions and applying adequate modifications in coordination with the HOD, P.M. as well as sub-contractors during the development of projects;
7. Develop shop drawings for factory and hand in the detailed study (which include measurements, elements, directives, categorization such as bending / laser cut / perforation etc.);
8. Assist the production team during the execution process in terms of design quality to ensure that works are carried out according to specific standards of drawing commands / conception etc.;
9. Coordinate multiple, large, visible and short-term projects simultaneously and ensure a continuous follow – up with the G.M., HOD and project manager to make sure that designs match the whole project concept;
10. Communicate all requests and details to contractors and subcontractors and assist on the execution when required

Required Skills:
1. Bachelor of architecture, or interior, or any other related field.
2. A minimum of 2 years experience
3. Experience using AUTOCAD, 3D, and RHINO IS A MUST

TBD, 70% fresh + insurance + transportation

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