Loyalty Program Specialist (Fine Jewelry industry)-Lebanon-Hybrid /Remotely -$20

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Nov 21, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Key Responsibilities:
 Rewards Program Management: (See List of responsibilities below)
 Back end work: impeccable follow-up from conversations with deliverables discussed sent to the account.
 Creating Relationships: Touching (Via Calls, and emails) our reward program members and stores. Maintain communication with other accounts within territory and check-in regularly to encourage participation.
 Increasing Brand Equity: Seek full participation in best branding practices and representation of the line (list below).
 Reporting towards KPI’s: Attain accurate reporting of phone and email contacts through CRM, and google docs, in order to show progress.
 Team Work: Working in tangent with the rest of the team towards our combined goals above.
 Rewards Management: Responsibilities Include:
o Actively measuring participation rates, and reporting on a monthly basis. Analyzing program performance and understanding trends, entry and redemption habits, and seeking growth among active and non-active users alike.
o Reaching out to accounts to elicit new signups and managing relationships with accounts.
o Connect to pre-existing members to disclose current bonuses,
o Working hand in hand with our Brand Ambassadors and Brand Specialists to further the success of the loyalty program
o Creatively discussing options for future contests, improvements to the program, and ease of use.
o Creating new features for our rewards program users to use to enhance their user experience with Gabriel.
o Fulfilling orders, answering user questions, and delivering exceptional one on one care for our reward users.
 Job Performance Measure: KPI’s
o Performance will be measured yearly as well as quarterly improvement against these accounts. Main KPI’s include:
o Team work, professionalism, and positive attitude
o Accurate reporting on CRM, and Asana
o Touches made to the accounts (emails)
o Phone calls made to the accounts
o Issues resolved
o Orders placed
o Number of accounts actively using the rewards program
 Activity of submissions versus sales per account
 Activity of submissions given with end consumer data (Warranty data) versus sales submitted without
 Additional Notes
o Services above, role and responsibility, and main KPI’s may be altered according to Gabriel’s release of new offerings.
Experience and Skills required:
 Experience:
o 3-5 years previous customer service experience, preferably within the jewelry industry.
o Proven track record of impeccable follow-up
o Strong project management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
o Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret data and make data-driven assumptions, and recommendations.
 Computer Skills:
o Word, Excel, Outlook, CRM
o Previous experience with Asana or a related platform (Salesforce, Zoho) is a plus!
 Other Skills:
o Communicate effectively both orally and in writing for the purpose of interaction with customers and inter-company team members.
o Ability to identify and resolve customer needs.
o Organization and time management skills.
o Telephone communication skills.
o Strong quantitative and analytical problem solving skills.
o Dedication, goal oriented and ability to meet strict deadlines.
Educational Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field is a plus

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