Production Manager for a Restaurant in Beirut

General Information

Ministry of Food s.a.l
Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Date Posted:
Nov 19, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Attend all production cycles at manufacturing plants to monitor and ensure that product/process where company product is produced, packaged, handled and shipped in according to specifications;
Approve all orders or requisitions of food and other supplies based on estimated amounts and costs of required food and ingredients needed to ensure efficient operation;
Check the quality of received raw and cooked food products to ensure that quality standards are met;

Work closely with the Corporate Chef and manufacturing facilities to improve manufacturing processes, product quality, and yield. In addition, resolve bottlenecks to improve throughput;

Perform R& D activities as directed by the corporate chef. These activities include conducting plant tests and training co-producers in producing new product;

Report any discrepancy or non-conformity to product/process standards to supply chain department for corrective action;

Manage stock levels, re-order levels at each manufacturing facility, taking into consideration existing average consumption and well as forecasted average consumption of the food item;

Participate in shelf life testing with Quality Improvement manager to reach ultimate shelf life and storage conditions of new and existing products;
Continuously Train and assist franchisees to implement good manufacturing practices and BOH company standards;
Perform other job related duties as assigned. Prepare and/or supervise the production of foods of all types according to preset recipes, using only approved brands, adhering to the par-level set by the management;
Abide by the company’s food safety and hygiene policies in receiving, preparing, packing and storing food;

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