Mechanical Technician

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Apr 04, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Rresponsible for executing maintenance equipment of the group's customers according to the maintenance work schedule assigned by the maintenance manager.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
- Implement work procedures, directives and administrative instructions regarding the receipt of equipment, damage maintenance, equipment and spare parts delivery, and prepare work execution reports;
- Based on the maintenance manager instructions, execute all the works related to installing pumps, extensions, tanks, and all related infrastructure, according to the approved technical principles, as requested by the Buildings and Construction Department.
- Receive the maintenance schedule from the maintenance coordinator to be executed the next day;
- Report any change that may occur to the schedule and obtain the direct manager approval before proceeding
- Execute the maintenance for the group company’s’ customers and record the reasons and the results in daily work execution reports sent to maintenance manager.
- Notify the maintenance manager of any sudden malfunctions that he may encounter while performing the maintenance according to the maintenance schedule;
- Prepare and submit Report to the maintenance manager if any error occurred while operating the equipment;
- Carry out the necessary plumbing work, including dismantling, and all related installations;
- Carry out the minimum electrical work within his experience related to all electrical connections needed to operate the equipment;
- Receive the spare parts from the warehouse or the workshop according to the delivery and handover form;
- Ensure and maintain the maintenance department equipment and tools delivered to him;
- Participate in training courses that include how to improve technical performance, safety knowledge, and how to act during emergency situations and organize its professional performance to prevent waste of time ... etc;
- Maintain the cleanliness of the company’s car he has from inside and outside, and promptly report any accident or malfunction that may occur;
- Maintain the cleanliness and safety of the tools delivered to him;
- Perform other duties as assigned.

TS/BT in mechanical or other related field
Previous experience is preferable
Good communication and presentation skills Flexible and adapts to changing environments Decision-making Knowledge of customer service

High accountability and maturity problem-solving skills Knowledge of management principles and familiarity with company products, services, and policies Team player High drive and results oriented

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