Medical Representative (Contractual)

General Information

Malia Group
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jan 14, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Purpose

- Responsible for promoting registered products or group of products, answering queries, providing advice and introducing new products to healthcare professionals,

Duties & Responsibilities

- Achieve sales targets in the designated territory while following the correspondent call cycle set by the Field Manager
- Maintain accurate coverage of designated territory by visiting set number of doctors and pharmacies per day
- Present promoted products by following steps of the call (Opening-Questioning-Promoting-Commitment-Closure) to healthcare professionals
- Conduct customer segmentation in line with Pharmaline guidelines to ensure target customers are approached with the optimal tools and frequency and provided with best-in-class customer service
- Understand, identify, and fulfil customers’ needs and market insights to ensure achievement of short-term and long-term business objectives
- Feed Field Manager about customer complaints and non-conformities. Participate in their investigations and adjustments
- Maintain the customer database up to date to ensure full understanding of customer needs to be able to timely fulfil them
- Build sustainable positive relationships with target health care professionals
- In coordination with other medical representatives in the same area, submit to direct manager the name of suggested Doctors to provide marketing support, for final approval
- Get Doctors’ commitment on prescribing Pharmaline products. Perform proper follow-up, in accordance with direct manager, on Doctors’ support and report any discrepancy to be resolved on the spot
- Use product resources during Doctors’ visit (educational materials/programs, samples) in accordance with their intended purposes to support appropriate product use and indication
- Answer satisfactorily all clients’ questions by having comprehensive knowledge of products he/she is responsible for
- Have the knowledge in Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology to understand the drug Interaction with the body and be prepared to any requirement from visited customers
- Possess the prescribing information and safety comprehensive knowledge of the marketed products he/she is in charge of, in order to provide Doctors with approved fair, balanced, and accurate information
- Conduct ongoing analysis including Market, Competitive, and Business Intelligence and report all findings to Field Manager
- Monitor the activities performed by competition by gathering information with staff in Doctors’ offices, employees in competitive companies and other sources, in order to maintain competitive advantage
- Attend events/occasions with Doctors (luncheons, diners), to strengthen relationship with the medical community
- Attend congresses, seminars, and gatherings, in order to build distinguished relationships with Doctors and assist the Marketing Department in promoting Pharmaline products
- Attend and/or prepare campaigns, in order to promote Pharmaline products among patients
- Comply with reporting obligations, by filling after each visit, on Mobile Solution the requested information
- Submit weekly report, duly filled to Field Manager and recommend ways to enhance and improve the work


Kesserwan (Jounieh & Kesserwen)


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy or holder of PharmD diploma

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