General Information

Malia Group
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jan 17, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Purpose:

Responsible for contributing to brand awareness, driving sales while engaging and captivating potential customers by showcasing the unique features of Cosmaline's products through dynamic promotional activities.
Perform duties in accordance with Malia Group Policies and Procedures.

Duties & Responsibilities:

On Sales Targets & Promotional Activities
Achieve set monthly sales targets and meet special product sales goals.
Actively share with the team any new market information or any new suggestion aiming to boost sales and brand awareness.
Distribute promotional materials and samples according to specified instructions and within the targeted category to attract and inform customers.

On Customer Engagement & Brand Awareness
Actively engage with potential customers to create awareness of Cosmaline's products.
Possess in-depth knowledge of Cosmaline products and effectively communicate their features, benefits, and values to generate interest and drive sales.
Stay informed about product updates, modifications, and new releases.
Address and treat customer inquiries in a timely and effective manner as per set processes and procedures while keeping all concerned parties informed.
Build and maintain a good relationship with supermarket staff.

On Reporting
Share with the team on daily basis, sell-out report and stock situation report (OOS, overstock, near expiry, or shortage in specific lines).
Gather and present reports on promotional initiatives, customer feedback, and competitors' activities.
Communicate with the team in case of any visibility concerns.

On Appearance
Adhere to management guidelines by wearing the prescribed uniform, maintaining personal appearance, and upholding hygiene standards.

Up to 1 year of related experience

Highschool degree or equivalent

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