General Information

Job Type:
Construction/ Facilities
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Jan 20, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Duties:

- Key Cutting and Duplication:
Cut and duplicate keys for different types of cylinders, including American and European locks.
Ensure the accuracy and functionality of duplicate keys.

- Key Troubleshooting:
Diagnose and troubleshoot problems with keys, addressing issues related to fit, function, and wear.

- Master Key System Management:
Create and maintain master key systems for buildings or facilities, ensuring optimal security and access control.

- Record Keeping:
Maintain accurate records of all key-related services provided, including key cutting, duplication, and troubleshooting.

- Equipment Knowledge:
Possess in-depth knowledge of the equipment required for key cutting, including both automatic and manual key cutting machines.

- Software Proficiency:
Demonstrate proficiency in using software programs designed for managing master key systems. This includes the ability to design, implement, and modify complex master key hierarchies.

- Department Management:
Manage the full keys duplicate department efficiently, overseeing key cutting operations and ensuring quality control.

- Continuous Learning:
Stay fully informed about advancements in key cutting technology and security systems to provide up-to-date and effective services.

- Customer Service:
Provide excellent customer service, addressing client needs and concerns related to key cutting and duplication.

Collaborate with other departments or team members to ensure seamless integration of key systems with overall security measures.

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