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IBC Solutions
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Jan 25, 2024
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Full-Time Employee


IBC Solutions established in August 2010, Beirut Lebanon, is formed of a consortium of banking and financial experiences that extends over more than 20 years. IBC is involved in two main lines of activities banking consultancy and financial advisory.
Banking consultancy department aims mainly at providing assistance to banks in implementing banking solutions that are compatible with local and international rules and conditions. Our services cover a vast range of specialized activities (Trade Finance, Treasury, Loan Management, Transfers, etc…).
IBC team served and continue to server a good number of banks in Lebanon, Middle East region and Africa region. Building on its experience mainly in Trade Finance, allowing to assist banks in the region optimize on the utilization of software and customize to the local.

We are looking for a Senior Business Developer, to be responsible for Driving business growth within a company, developing a network of contacts to attract new clients, researching new market opportunities and overseeing growth projects, making sales projections and forecasting revenue, in line with projected income. Experience in business development for Fintech is a plus.

Expected skill set:
· Communication skills: Business development managers must be able to communicate with clients of all backgrounds and educational levels. Well-developed written and verbal communication skills are must-haves for professionals who work in this field.
· Organizational skills: Professionals who choose this career path must be comfortable juggling numerous clients, on- and off-site meetings, and deadlines. Individuals who are highly organized are best equipped to manage the many parts of the job and keep client proposals and other tasks on track.
· Time-management skills: Business development managers must understand how to prioritize their time. Individuals who work in this field must be comfortable managing a calendar and adjusting their schedule as needed.
· Technical and computer skills: Most organizations use a sales content management system (CMS) to track leads and client calls and document where each prospect is in the sales cycle. Aspiring business development managers must have basic technical and computer skills.
· Drive and self-motivation: The most successful business development managers are goal-oriented and commission-driven. Professionals who have driven and motivation will push themselves to succeed.

• 3 to 5 years of experience in similar position
• Experience in business development for Fintech is a plus

If interested, send your CV to to join our company.
We work on-site from Sunday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm, we're located in Mazraa, Beirut.

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