Beverage Manager

General Information

7 Management
Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Saudi Arabia
Date Posted:
Feb 06, 2024
USD 7000
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Must be well conversant with the company's standard policies and procedures.
• To plan, priorities, organize and control the day-to-day operations of bar.
• Managing the business aspects of the bar, such as keeping a current liquor license, negotiating supplier contracts, taking inventory and reordering supplies, managing budgets, and setting goals for all outlets.
• Conducting market research to determine consumer preferences, interests, and buying habits.
• Selecting and purchasing liquor and other supplies and initiating and maintaining relationships with vendors. Search new vendors for better wholesale prices and make good relations with existing sellers for discounts.
• Creating effective schedules and quickly resolving conflicts to ensure that bar is well staffed during peak hours.
• Developing new beverage recipes and reviewing the serving quality to increase profit margins.
• Overseeing the day-to-day operations of all bars to ensure that they run smoothly.
• Review the capacities and facilities of beverage storage in all outlets.
• Developing marketing strategies for products and services, including creating advertisements and promotions for billboards, radio, television, magazines, and newspapers.
• Evaluate Stocks PAR level and forecast future stock purchase.

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