Financial Controller

General Information

Job Type:
Accounting/ Finance
Date Posted:
Feb 08, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Description:
- Set up and maintain a system of internal controls which will provide the most effective control of the assets and revenue of the company.
- Maintain all accounting records of the company. Similarly, all reports and financial statements must be prepared on a timely basis in accordance with instructions prescribed.
- Ensure that all laws and fiscal regulations of the country of location (which affect the financial matters of the company/ hotels) are complied with. This includes the responsibility for seeing that proper permits and licenses are obtained for such areas as importations, currency transfers, operation of hotel, bars, or club, etc.
- Ensure the safekeeping and updating of all leases and contracts and all other legal records and documents which may affect the financial status of the Company.
- Ensure that local tax matters in operating countries including both income and other taxes, are properly handled. This includes the responsibility for the proper deductions and remittances of all payroll taxes where applicable.
- Approve all allowances and adjustments and ensure that they are subsequently approved.
- Conduct the monthly physical count and valuation of all food, beverage and operating supplies inventories and the half yearly physical count and valuation of all operating equipment inventories.
- Ensure that, subject to the availability of funds, all necessary reserves, such as vacation of employees, furniture and equipment, employees’ indemnity, etc. are adequately maintained.
- Assist in preparing, in conjunction with the other department Heads and the CEO & Company Representative both the annual and revised capital budget and profit budget in the format required by the Corporate Office. In addition to the preparation, the Financial Controller is responsible for reporting the actual results as compared with the profit budget.
- Maintain adequate records to reflect the comparison of the actual expenditures for operating equipment and furniture.

- Bachelor in Finance/Accounting or any related field.
- 4+ years of experience in a relevant position
- Previous experience in Hospitality Industry is a must.
- Attention to detail
- Time Management
- Strong Communication & Organizational Skills
- Ability to work with a team or independently
- Ability to work under pressure
- Problem Solver

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