Oncology laboratory technician

General Information

Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Feb 11, 2024
200$/day of training
Employee Type:
Part-Time Intern


We are seeking an experienced Oncology Laboratory Technician to serve as an instructor for our "HAZARDOUS DRUGS EXPOSURE MANAGEMENT" course. The ideal candidate will possess a deep understanding of oncology, cytostatic drugs, and the management of hazardous substances in healthcare settings.

Course Delivery: Deliver engaging and informative lectures and practical sessions on the safe handling and management of hazardous drugs, focusing on cytostatic drugs used in oncology.

Objective Fulfillment: Ensure participants understand cancer biology, the mechanisms of cytostatic drugs, and the associated risks and precautions.

Curriculum Development: Collaborate with course coordinators to develop course outlines and materials aligned with learning objectives.

Risk Assessment: Teach participants how to conduct exposure risk assessments, identify potential sources of exposure, and implement control measures.

Regulatory Compliance: Educate participants on relevant regulations governing the handling of hazardous drugs in healthcare facilities.

Spill Management: Instruct participants on proper procedures for managing hazardous drug spills to minimize risks and ensure safety.

Medical Monitoring: Provide guidance on staff medical monitoring protocols and the importance of ongoing health surveillance.

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