Internal Technician

General Information

Société Ets. Michel Najjar SAL
Job Type:
Manufacturing/ Operations
Date Posted:
Feb 11, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Café Najjar is a coffee expert with 66 years of experience that evolved over the years to become a leading iconic coffee brand in the region. Today our Lebanese, Espresso and Filtered Coffee are enjoyed by coffee lovers living in Lebanon and all over the world. The company became the biggest coffee factory and the #1 producer of coffee in the Middle East and North Africa region and exports to more than 45 countries globally.

In addition to its iconic brands, Café Najjar offers full coffee solutions to top multinational coffee chains in the Middle East region, Africa, Greece, and Cyprus while ensuring an outstanding coffee experience for their consumers. Our aim is to ensure we deliver the perfect cup of coffee everyday everywhere.

Under Najjar Professional Solutions we provide a high quality coffee portfolio (Café Najjar, Gia & Ilgustino), Krikita Nuts and Cookers/Byte sweet and savory specialties that could be enjoyed and savored at out of home locations, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes (HoReCa), offices and institutions.

We are looking for an Internal Technician for our location which will be responsible for repairing and assembling all kinds of coffee making machines.

Job Duties:
-To prepare small parts and materials for the general assembly of coffee machines.
-To operate on several machines to cut, prepare and design small parts for coffee machines.
-To complete the electrical installation for coffee machines.
-To assist in new machines maintenance or required modifications.
-To assist in training new technicians
-To package and try coffee machines after final assembly.

-Knowledge of the operation and structure of the coffee machine
-Knowledge of the tools and utensils used for maintenance purposes
-Computer skills are a plus
-High School diploma or equivalent; degree in a technical field is preferred
-Machine repair and maintenance experience.

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