Remote Project Assistant

General Information

Confidential 1
Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Date Posted:
Mar 31, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee



- Conduct comprehensive research on specific topics and requirements related to solution development.
- Gather relevant data and information for proposal submissions, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
- Assist in market research activities to identify potential trends, risks, and customer preferences.
- Collaborate with the product manager to draft accurate proposals based on research findings.
- Review and edit proposals for clarity, grammar, and completeness before submission.
- Assist in compiling data from various sources to create comprehensive reports.
- Organize and present data using appropriate visual aids such as charts or graphs.
- Monitor incoming emails, prioritize them based on urgency, and flag important ones for the product manager's attention.
- Respond to routine inquiries or requests on behalf of the product manager as required.
- Schedule internal meetings by coordinating the availability of team members through calendar management tools.
- Organize external meetings with vendors or clients by arranging logistics such as location and agenda preparation.
- Regularly follow up with internal staff regarding project updates or task completions.
- Coordinate communication between the product manager and external vendors when necessary.

The ideal candidate will possess:

Has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Communications, Project Management, or a related field is typically required for this role.
2-3 years of experience in a similar role, preferably in a research, marketing, or proposal development capacity.
Demonstrated experience in conducting research, gathering and analyzing data, and drafting proposals or reports.
Experience with data analysis software such as Excel or Google Sheets, and proficiency in creating presentations using tools like PowerPoint or Google Slides.
Strong English skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to convey complex information clearly and concisely.

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