Music Teacher

General Information

Sabis Educational Services
Job Type:
Education/ Training
Date Posted:
Feb 26, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Purpose
Ensuring students’ success and helping them reach their full potential by implementing the SABIS® curriculum and philosophy and through the consistent use of the SABIS® teaching methods.

Key Responsibilities:
Teaching a class using the provided lesson plans (may also be asked to develop such plans based on the provided pacing charts as relevant and needed) for their subject(s) in order to be able to teach using the SABIS® point system.
Marking exams related to the taught subject in accordance with the schedule and material provided by the department.
Discussing disciplinary and student performance issues with the Academic Quality Controller (AQC) and Head of Department (HOD) as needed.
Implementing the SABIS® Point System to ensure an environment conducive to learning in the classroom.
Proctoring exams as needed while ensuring an adequate and properly managed test environment.
Providing support for the academically low-performing students through guidance and motivation to help them improve and reach their full potential.
Developing and/or following up on external exams preparation by going through previous exams as planned in the structured revision schedule (when applicable to specific grade levels).
Aiding in duties that may include testing students, substituting for absent teachers, organizing students for lunches and buses, controlling traffic (vehicles and people), and other administrative duties as assigned by the school management.
Preparing and participating in activity plans related to student life events such as but not limited to art, open houses, and physical education, in coordination with the Student Life Coordinator (SLC).
Attending training sessions when needed and as requested by the school management in order to enhance the understanding of the SABIS® system and improve the overall performance of students.
Performing other related tasks or projects as they arise and as delegated by the school management.
Ideal Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree in Education or in a related field.
English Proficiency
1+ years of teaching experience
Professional behavior and ethical conduct
Delivering results
Continuous learning and improvement
Accountability and taking ownership
Excellent communication skills
Employment Requirements:
Must meet all employment requirements including, but not limited to, country and local education and certification requirements, reference checks, and criminal background checks.

Additional details about this position will only be provided to short-listed candidates.

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