Marketing Manager

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Wooden Bakery
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Date Posted:
Mar 26, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


We are looking for a Marketing Manager to join our team :
• Financial management of the marketing program including budget planning, resource allocation and preparation of quarterly reports
• Manages an effective, efficient and productive Marketing Department by ensuring that the appropriate structures, systems, competencies and values are developed.
• Coordinates with print houses and advertising agencies.
• Oversees social media, and guides the activities of the Social Media and Marketing Specialist.
• Develops Trend Management analyses of the Lebanese market, and perform strategic assessments of the company’s products in these markets.
• Forms informal networks with company senior management, updating them on a regular basis on developments within Marketing, and working with them on cross-functional projects.
• Leads the effort of the Customer Service Officer and train him/her on best practices and new trends (Loyalty Cards, After Sales Services, etc.)
• Develops ongoing liaison with key opinion leaders, support groups and other influential players in the HORECA industry to ensure that significant developments in the field are identified and monitored.
• Works in conjunction with the Research & Development department to develop new products and update existing ones.
• Ensures effective team communication throughout the marketing department through the application of suitable reporting systems and structures and the identification and provision of appropriate training.
• Provides significant input into the annual marketing plan, specifically: sales forecasts for each product (taking into consideration past history, market trends, competitive activity and required sales effort), allocation of expenses between products (taking into consideration stage in product life cycle, potential for future growth and profit contribution, potential competitors), required sales promotion programs (taking into consideration marketing strengths relative to competitors, selling opportunities and customers’ needs and attitudes) and the marketing materials needed to accomplish the goals.
• Performs other duties pertinent to this job as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills, and Experience
Bachelor degree from an accredited university. MBA is a plus.
• 5 - 10 years of work experience in sales and/or marketing management.
• Consistent past performance of meeting commitments and deadlines.
• Demonstrated competence in interfacing with and making presentations to ISB buyers and upper management.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.

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