Mediterranean Lebanese Chef

General Information

LALA Chicken 1967 Jounieh
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Mar 24, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Lala Chicken 1967 Jounieh Branch

We are seeking a talented and passionate Mediterranean Lebanese Chef to join our culinary team. As a Mediterranean Lebanese Chef, you will be responsible for creating and preparing authentic Lebanese dishes, showcasing the rich flavors and traditions of Mediterranean cuisine. Your culinary expertise will play a pivotal role in delivering an exceptional dining experience to our customers.


Food Preparation: Prepare and cook Mediterranean Lebanese dishes with precision and attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality and taste.
Quality Control: Maintain strict quality control measures to ensure the consistency and authenticity of dishes.
Ingredient Sourcing: Source and select the finest and freshest ingredients, spices, and herbs to be used in food preparation.
Kitchen Management: Oversee the kitchen operations, manage kitchen staff, and maintain a clean and organized kitchen environment.
Creativity: Innovate and bring a modern twist to traditional Lebanese recipes, while preserving their essence.
Cost Control: Manage food costs by minimizing waste and ensuring efficient inventory management.
Food Safety: Adhere to all food safety and sanitation standards to maintain a clean and safe kitchen.

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