Front Desk Receptionist

General Information

Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Date Posted:
Mar 26, 2024
Not Specified
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


The main purpose of this position is to process phone calls and hotline calls, perform data entry and administrative assistance as needed, in addition to monitoring the Admin laborers work, and managing the kitchen stock.
A. Processes phone call requests, receives and transmits related messages, abiding by the set standards.

a. Answers incoming telephone calls and transfers to concerned employees.
b. Receives and forwards messages when needed, abiding by the set standards for an operator.
B. Guides visitors to destination whenever necessary
C. Receives Hotline calls and processes them as per related procedure.
a. Receives Hotline calls and log them into the related form, indicating their type (Complaint, Request, Thanks)
b. Communicates the complaints to the Municipalities coordinator, and follow up on their closure.
c. Receives the closed Requests/Complaints forms and forwards them to the deputy manager for follow up.
d. Proceeds with the filling of the Hotline form upon closure.
e. Logs all calls into the related log sheet, and forwards it to the senior support officer.
f. Checks completion and follows up on unresolved cases.
D. Responsible of the admin kitchen and admin labors.
a. Manages the kitchen stock, performs daily checkups, and informs the procurement of needed items, and follow up on their provision.
b. Guides and checks the Admin laborers work.
c. Serves coffee if needed.
E. Performs Data Entry, scanning and photocopying tasks as requested
a. Provides data entry support to the HR and management as requested.
b. Performs scanning and photocopying tasks as requested
F. Responsible to comply with the applicable Health and Safety procedures, and requirements provided during trainings and as listed in the OHS manual; reporting occurrences, violations and acts that may affect staff safety.

G. Performs other tasks and activities as requested.
A. Education:
A BS or a BA degree.

B. Experience:
One year of experience in a similar position
C. Knowledge / Skills / Abilities:
a. Instills Discipline
b. Is Resourceful
c. Delivers Achievement
d. Communicates Transparently
e. Builds Teamwork
f. Focuses Future

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