Archive Manager

General Information

Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Date Posted:
Apr 17, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Scope:
Responsible for assembling, cataloguing, preserving and managing company’s records and data with high confidentiality and restrictions.
Main Duties and Responsibilities:
- Establish, administer and ensure proper implementation of procedures and guidelines related to all steps of archiving, from assembling, collecting, retrieval to the destruction process;
- Maintain hard copy records in an area where access is restricted and the location can be physically secured during non-working hours;
-Organize and supervise the process of recording, classifying, indexing and archiving and ensure proper implementation by team;
- Develop and continuously upgrade the classification systems to facilitate access to both electronically and physically archived materials;
- Assemble documents from different sources and departments; properly and safely save them where appropriate;
- Collect documents through conducting daily follow up with concerned and timely send related reports to management;
- Handover the required archived documents to requesters as per policies and procedures ensuring quick and easy access to information to employees;
- Control the “Preventive maintenance and Safety” checklist and share recommendations and improvements with management if any;
- Produce reports and submit them concerned highlighting concerns and alarming issues;
- Professionally and promptly deal with inquiries and requests of both internal and external clients;
- Manage the budget and financial cost for the department;
- Protect records from any physical environmental harm and ensure direct safekeeping;
- Manage space in different storage rooms, sharing recommendations about alarming physical conditions, but also about the conservation, organization or destruction of records based on procedure;
- Manage, coach and train team members for higher performance;
- Delegate and distribute tasks amongst team members fairly and efficiently to ensure timely deliverables;
- Perform other job-related duties as assigned;

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