Management Controller/Internal Audit (Africa Based))

General Information

Confidential 1
Job Type:
Management Consulting
Date Posted:
Apr 04, 2024
4,000 USD Total
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Responsible for ensuring the proper use of the future ERP by all departments of the company.
Supervise the logistics operations and finances of a company.
Strong ability to control the various operations, delegate responsibilities and collaborate between several teams.

Objectives of the role
● Take ownership of the new processes implemented with the arrival of the new ERP with the objective of optimizing the productivity of teams (purchasing, logistics and administrative) and supervise using reliable reports such as operational and cost accounting reports
● Review and improve organizational effectiveness by proposing improvements in current processes
● Monitor performance and ensure the relevance of the data reported in the reports generated by the ERP. In other words, the candidate must be the guarantor of the relevance of the information entered in the software by the different teams
● Adhere to the company’s standards of excellence and quality

- Supervise the execution of day-to-day operations in a first step and then assign and monitor, in a second step, collective and individual performance objectives
- Optimize inventory management of consumables and equipment to minimize stock level without risking breakage
- Develop, implement and maintain budget and resource allocation plans
- Resolve internal staff conflicts effectively and in the mutual interest of all involved

Skills and qualifications required
- Bachelor’s degree in business school or equivalent
- Proficiency in general and cost accounting
- Proven experience in a leadership or senior leadership role in a company
- Team spirit, leadership and communication skills
- Mastery of one of the business management software, ERP
- Strong decision-making skills

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