Permaculture Farm & Property Manager

General Information

Beit Insan
Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Lebanon - Bekaa
Date Posted:
Mar 29, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Permaculture Farm & Property Manager
● Date Posted: March 27, 2024
● Location: West Bekka-Medoukha
● Category Agriculture
● Job type : Full-Time collaborative partnership.
Property description
The property is well off the main road between Masnaa' and Rashaya, on the outskirts of the
village of Medoukha in the West Bekka. The property is 90,000 square meters and consists of 5
peices of land that are .05-3 kms away from each other. There is plenty of storage space on 2
properties closest to the main dwelling. The long-term vision & goal of the property oweners is to
develop a thriving agro-ecological plot and food forest that sustains those living on the property
and to produce organic whole foods products for sale to the local community and beyond. We are
particularly interested in growing flowers, aromatics, green manure and cereals (buckwheat,
eikon, amarnath, teff, quinoa). For the longer term we are interested in retreats that may consist
of permaculture education, natural building and land-stewardship.
Job description
We have a farm management/caretaker position opening for a knowledgable and aligned couple
or an individual with professional experience, who can demonstrate a strong work ethic, proactive communication skills and an enthusiastic focus on the long-term health and productivity of
the farm. Must have extensive education and experience in permaculture practices, organic
farming, regenerative land stewardship and people management. This is a live-in position which
includes a furnished caretaker’s lodging , amenities & utilities provided (valued at $500). Although
there is no paid salary the infrastructure required to maintain and develop the farm will be paid by
the land owners and there will be immediate income Potential through micro-business
Position Overview ~ The Farm manager will be responsible for design, implementation,
maintenance and sustainability of the permaculture farm plan along with care taking
repsonsabilities of the entire property. Currently the farm has gardens, fruit trees (apple, cherry,
persimons, figs, 3inaab) & nut trees (walnut, pistachio, almond), grapes, 60-70 olive trees, water
cistern, shed, three large garages, farming equiptment etc. The position entails developing,
managing and maintaining the annual and perennial gardens. Implementing successful micro
business models, developing nursery with native and edible perennial plants. The Farm Manager
works closely with and reports directly to the Farm Director.
Roles & Responsibilities ~
● Provide daily oversight & management of the execution of farm plan
● Co-ordinate weekly schedules for team or contractors
● Research, order, pick-up, plant & care for perennial plants & trees
● Start seedlings & create schedule & implement ongoing annual vegetable production
● Review & improve upon all existing irrigation systems
● Provide oversight & management for all field activities, including, but not limited to
irrigation, cultivation and general maintenance of farm/property upkeep
● Lead a weekly meeting to discuss important details & plans for farm
● Maintain accurate inventory of all materials and supplies related to field production
activities and general property needs, including, but not limited to: all inputs including
seed, tools and supplies etc.
● The ability to oversee multiple projects happening simultaneously with a calm, focused
● To co-ordinate / manage farm workers, long-term apprentices
● Grounds maintenance, including, but not limited to: lawn care, forest management, creek
development, chainsaw work, tractor work, driveway maintenance etc
Additional qualities important to us: Honest and caring, independent, physically healthy, able to
handle the local community, focused, hard-working, fun, efficient, early riser, systems-thinker, Eco spiritually minded, heart centered, over of nature and good communication and ethical
entrepreneurial skills!

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