Credit Manager

General Information

Malia Group
Job Type:
Accounting/ Finance
Date Posted:
Apr 11, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Purpose

- Responsible for overseeing the credit department operations.
- Responsible for managing credit risk, assessing credit worthiness, and ensuring timely collections across our clients.
- Responsible for monitoring the financial situation of doubtful clients, and payments with client terms.
- Ensure proper development and enhancement of Policies & Procedures, in order to minimize risks and meet set financial ratios.
- Perform duties in accordance with Malia Group Policies and Procedures.

Duties & Responsibilities

On Credit Risk Management
- Develop and implement credit risk management strategies to minimize credit losses and optimize cash flow
- Conduct thorough credit assessments of new and existing customers, evaluating their financial stability, payment history, and credit worthiness
- Monitor and analyze the credit status of customers regularly to identify potential risks, trends, and opportunities for improvement.

On Clients' Operations (Cash & Credit)
- Approve the creation of customers’ accounts for all companies on system: Ensure all client information is available and complete before sending approval for invoicing
- Establish appropriate credit limits for customers based on their creditworthiness, financial stability, industry trends, and other risk factors while adhering to the credit policies and procedures.
- Credit check new customers and open new credit accounts ensuring the company has all relevant information on debtor
- Ensure that credit limits vs turnover are assessed and revised on quarterly basis
- Ensure that occasional modifications in terms of payments of clients are promptly treated while adhering to credit policies

On Doubtful Clients
- Take appropriate action(s) to ensure collection and avoid doubtful amounts
- Follow-up closely the payments of unpaid checks, and ensure prompt collection of dues
- Evaluate reason(s) behind the checks return, and ensure that the policy related to client returned checks is applied
- Handle disputed accounts and negotiate with clients to bring payment in line with terms
- Identify changes in payment patterns and propose action to avert indebtedness

On Collection Process
- Supervise the collection process and ensure that all collection requests are promptly treated
- Track and report daily sales rep collection concerns/needs, and treat discrepancies accordingly

On Reporting and Record Keeping
- Ensure proper tracking and record keeping of all communication with customers
- Submit Monthly Executive reports to Management (target/challenges/opportunity for improvement/Outstanding issues/potential debtors)

- Contribute proactively with the Talent Acquisition Team in filling vacancies timely. Design/update related JDs and on-boarding programs and ensure their proper understanding & implementation. Ensure an optimized structure in line with business priorities and performance
- Provide direct reports with needed resources/tools and guidance to fulfil their role properly and set their training needs and development plan in coordination with L&DM. Celebrate achievements, highlight to PCM people with potential to offer them perspective for growth
- Set direct reports annual Business Goals and required competencies and conduct quarterly feedback sessions to appraise their performance. Monitor continuously direct report productivity and take corrective actions in due time. Issue misconducts and enroll under-performers in related program
- Promote the Group's culture, encourage loyalty, trust, a healthy working environment and teamwork. Personalize the motivational approach, empower and inspire the team to reach greatness

- Bachelor in Business Administration/Accounting/Finance/Audit
- Master's degree or professional certification (e.g., CFA, CPA) is a plus

- Minimum 10 years of previous related experience

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