Senior Software Engineer ( Khobbar, Saudi Arabia)

General Information

Recrumania Agency
Job Type:
Information Technology
Saudi Arabia
Date Posted:
May 26, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


We are seeking a skilled software developer to work on a comprehensive security
management system. This system integrates workstation, server, and third-party security devices and applications to provide a unified and immersive security management experience.


• Update and maintain the build environment and dependency libraries used in the
client/server code.
• Enhance and modernize the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to improve user experience (UX).
• Provide documentation support for the current software framework.
• Support in the integration of new security sensors.
• Stay updated with current trends in software development practices, technology utilization,
and development tools to contribute to the improvement of the software development
• Perform unit or functional testing of developed software to ensure correct operation per functional requirements.
• Participate in the review of application design, code, test cases, and user documentation.
• Contribute and influence the development team toward defining and achieving project
deliverables, in line with best practices and guidelines.

Code Stack:
• Client code: Qt Framework (Mixed version 4.8/5.4/6.6)
• Server code: .Net Framework 4.8
• Build tools: Python, CMake, Ruby, Rake, SifNet
• Languages: C#, C++, QT QML, JS
• Libraries: OpenGL, Open Collada, ProtoBuf, OpenCV, PCL, NVIDIA Cg
• Installer: NSIS
• Databases: PostGre, MS SQL
• IDEs: Qt Creator and Visual Studio
• Testing Framework: NUnit

Development Experience:
• Executed projects using Qt/C++, QML
• Executed 3D projects utilizing OpenGL
• Experienced in Probuf, OpenCV, OpenCollada.
• Working experience in PSIM software and security sensors like radar, access doors,
cameras, MIDS, etc.

Integration Devices/Sensors:

• Access Door Controls
• Radars
• Cameras with video analytics
• Intrusion Detection Sensors
• Communication devices
• All required sensors, depending on project requirements

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