Date: Jan 11 2018
I received around 3 plus phone calls for interview and email.

My evaluation and satisfaction for your service is very good
Jean Bacha
Date: Jan 10 2018
I am very pleased and very satisfied from the email blast service of hirelebanese.com. I received around 30 phone calls from employers looking for candidates with exactly my qualifications. I recommend this service to anyone looking for a job in lebanon or with a lebanese firm abroad. Especially that the price of the service is low if compared to the benefits received from such a blast.

Also the customer service was excellent before and after the email blast. They were very kind and helpful by answering all my questions and by replying almost immediately everytime. Even after the service, they kept following up with me to make sure i got the job I was searching for.
Marwan Lichaa
Date: Jan 10 2018
I had many calls form the email blast but i was interested in jobs near Batroun only

Thank you
raja salem
Date: Jan 10 2018
I have received a bunch of several calls, mostly sales up until now. I made some meetings and interviews most of them for administrative kind of jobs. It is a bit early to form a whole opinion or feedback, although the idea of sending CV to all employers is great, and it would pay off its advantage.
Tina Abbara
Date: Jan 10 2018
Thank you for the Email Blast service it was such a success. I got so many calls and until today I attended and scheduled a total of 20 interviews and still getting some calls. I definitely recommend this service.
Bassel Abbara
Date: Feb 02 2016
A very simple but straight to the point recruiting Network for lebanese seeking real opportunities. Directly between you and the recruiter in a very straight forward platform. I have been recruited twice through Hire Lebanese. Keep moving forward.
Nadim Al Amin
Date: Jan 27 2016
That's the smart thnkiing we could all benefit from.
Date: Nov 07 2015
Thank You HireLebanese,

That is the BEST recruiting website
Rana Saab
Date: Apr 20 2015
Dear hirelebanese Rep,
I believe that is you are the best recruitment agency which provide good job for lebanese candidates and hope to be hire through your website.
Date: Feb 20 2015
HireLebanese has the highest traffic among all Lebanese recruitment websites. Keep the good work.

Nadim Issa
Head of Credit Information & Rating / General Manager
Cedar Rose International Services Ltd

Jal El Dib
Nadim Issa
Date: Jun 20 2011
Dear Hirelebanese Rep.,

Thank you for your email.

Our vacancy has been recently filled. However, thanks to your website, we have been able to identify some remarkable candidates whose CV shall remain on file for future reference.

Best Regards,

Tania Mazraani
Berytech Technology & Health
Tania Saba Mazraani
Date: Dec 02 2010
best website in online recruiting in lebanon till now
Date: Sep 20 2010
You're the best Lebanese "Job Search website"......
Keep it up.
Hasan Mokdad
Date: Mar 03 2010
Date: Dec 24 2009
Thank you for your efforts. It has been very helpful website
Hady Issa
Date: Sep 14 2009
Thanks Hire Lebanese for all your help and support. it has never been easier and effective finding an adequate job with you help.
Thanks for everything...

ifloweru team
Susane Beytami
Date: Aug 03 2009
HireLebanese is an effective way for recruitment, the database has been a great source of potential candidates.
Ghida assaad- Transmed sal
Date: May 08 2009
Dear All;
We are satisfied from the feedback acquired through the services offered by website hirelebanese.com. We encourage the administration officers of hirelebanese.com to increase the advertising campaigns of their website , in order to attract also more powerful job seekers , and push up the site more and more to the top.thanks
wassim soubra
Date: Mar 31 2009
"CV Blast" is a very effective way to secure an interview.

This great service by HireLebanese provided me with an exposure for various employers and gave me a lead over other candidates, as my CV reached directly the concerned HR perosonnel in companies.

I'll always expect the best services from HireLebanese.
Date: Aug 21 2008
Hi everyone..
hirelebanese is a new gateway for success and hope every one will find his new job and the right position at hirelebanese.com
Date: Aug 14 2008
Online recruitment through the "HireLebanese" portal makes the process amazingly fast and simple. The applicant's data is so precise that the credentials of the candidates are presented in pure black and white. Of course, a great time-saver! Keep going!!

Mohamed Naser
CEO & Creative Director
Mohamed Naser
Date: Jun 19 2008
Dear Hirelebanese Team,

You've been a great help in filling up our requirements for different clients who require arabic speaking people specifically lebanese guys. Here's hoping for more success and also suggesting you make search resume free again so we can help as many lebanese people as we can! Cheers!
Ruth Mendoza of Davidson Scott Mitchell
Date: Apr 24 2008
If you need a job or a reliable employee, hirelebanese database is one of the best in the world.

Reliable and PRODUCTIVE
Daniel CRAIG
Date: Apr 24 2008
Dear Hire Lebanese Team,
We have been registered as Employers since more than 2 years @ Hire Lebanese.
Job Posting was never that easy before.
Great Data base.
Great Team.
All The Luck & Keep It Up.

Lana S. Wehbi
General Manager
Star 5 Recruitment Office
Chouifat - Lebanon
00961 3 39 07 06
Star 5 Recruitment Office
Date: Apr 24 2008

All I can say is that 90% of our company's recruitments are based on hirelebanese services. We rely so much on the applications of this website...

Keep up the good work, we strongly support u!

Thank you for your services,
Aline Bou Sader
Senior HR Coordinator
Premium Partners
Aline Bou Sader
Date: Apr 23 2008
I am a marketing manager in a printing press and I posted my jobs offering at Hire Lebanese and was able to hire an accountant.

I appreciate and recommend your services!

Good luck!
Date: Apr 01 2008
I work actually as Customer Relations in a reputed company in Qatar and i feel very well here. How i got this job? I just posted my CV on hire lebanese and the company contacted me later.
Hire Lebanese Team, i wana congratulate you for your great efforts and fast response.
Go on and keep helping to Hire more lebanese in high positions.

Thank you.
Liliane Kassir
Date: Jul 13 2007
Dear HireLebanese.com

It's difficult to say more than wroted... Hire Lebanese website is the hope for hopeless and depressed persons. their services are great and valuable. the website is well organized and easy to surf.

Hire Lebanese is the best ..
so go ahead
good luck

best regards
zeinab sheaib
Date: Apr 19 2007
When i saw all these jobs in Lebanon, I was happy and feeling better that one day if i will come back from the gulf, there is a possibility to find a job in lebanon.
Wish you all the best

Wissam Annous
Site Architect
Doha, Qatar
Wissam Annous
Date: Apr 10 2007
Dear Sirs,
I really appreciate the great effort that this website offers and i would like to thank you for granting me the opportunity to have more than 3 interviews in one month. Through this website, one can post his resume with the cover letter to allow himself to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of the hiring Managers.
I really thank you,,
Nagham N.
Assistant Training & Quality Manager
Date: Apr 09 2007
Dear Officer In charge,

We are pleased with the said recruitment site as this helps a lot in
recruitment requirements, not to mention the good profile were getting
the respondents themselves. Though candidates will still go through
same hiring procedures and that they are outside UAE, the avenue, aids
us in
posting our vacancies as this is displayed for free.

Thank you for endorsing such free services. We hope to be in
continuous and
good partnership with your good office.


Jeanie A. Aguilar
HR Recruitment Officer - HO
Arabtec Construction (LCC)
Jeanie Aguilar
Date: Apr 09 2007
I am currently a senior Banking & Fianance LAU student... I always check this website for job offers and I like it because it helps Lebanses people overcome their job dillema...
Hani El Sahly
Date: Apr 07 2007
I always check this website, and I hope to someday soon join it as an employer seeking professionals. HireLebanese is a very helpful and professional website. Good luck and keep the good work. Thank you.
Nicole Baaklini
Date: Apr 07 2007
This site proved to be a reliable source and support for promoting lebanese talents around the globe.

Walid Soueidi
General Manager
Horizon.FCB Riyadh
Walid Soueidi
Date: Apr 07 2007
This website is a true indicator that amidst the political turmoil, there are people who still believe in and know how to highlight Lebanese talent in a positive and useful way! Thank you for your effort and wish you all the best
Joanna Nacouzi
Date: Apr 06 2007
I am currently occupying the post of Administrative Director with MTN group in Afghanistan. i've been working in the GSM field for almost 14 years now, would like to get the opportunity to work in senior administrative position in Beirut.
Imad Ibrahim
Date: Apr 06 2007
****** ** This web site has both a professional & a national feeling to it,we have done a lot of interviews,filled vacancies,and met great people.
Date: Apr 05 2007
Thank you for your efforts. It has been very helpful website.
John Douaihy
Date: Apr 05 2007
This is an excellent medium to contact the talents in Lebanon and abroad. Great initiative and All the Best,

Maroun Najjar
Managing Director
Maroun Najjar
Date: Apr 05 2007
Dear All
the best thing is when the political lebanese are busy of their durty work , we are fine to find some employees are working to keep us together
many thank for who is holding this site
Date: Apr 04 2007
Dear Sirs,
As an expression of my sincerest appreciation, i would like to thank you for granting me the opportunity to be considered for a position within one of the most reputable companies in lebanon. Via this exceptional website, one can post his resume along with its cover letter and allow himself to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of the hiring Manager.
Thank you once again,
Diana Y. Agricultural engineer
Date: Apr 04 2007
i am searching for a job in finance since 1 year and i didnt find it yet,wish this website will help me find what i want..
mhanna alrayess
Date: Apr 03 2007
I am very impressed that we finally have a website network to communicate with and know our fellow colleagues and to possibly find positions that we can explore outside USA. Although so far I did not find anything in mental health career, I am hoping in the near future a possible position will be open. Best wishes to HireLebanese.com
Hoda Amine, PhD, MSW, DCSW
Date: Apr 03 2007
*******you are the best web to find a job.
i did more than ten interviews in Lebanon.
i'll soon sign an employement offer.
Thank you a lot.
best regards,
Paul Aaraj
Date: Apr 03 2007
******* this website is so good
I have appiled my cv to many many recruitment websites..
this is the only place where i got real calls and actually got a job..
thanks alot guys, you are doing a great job... keep it up
ahmad darwish
Date: Apr 02 2007
this website is so reallllllllllllll
I have appiled my cv to many many recruitment websites..
this is the only place where i got real calls and actually got a job..
thanks alot guys, you are doing a great job... keep it up
Date: Apr 02 2007
*********** ** The services available on this website are really great. I have recruited 7 lebanese candidates from this website, in lebanon as well as in UAE.

I also want to add that the features of this website are very friendly user.

Keep up the good work !!
Aline Bou Sader
Date: Apr 02 2007
******* This is the Number 1 Website, i like it a lot, i had many interviews because of its postings
.Keep it up and good luck

Thanks a million time
Moussa Abdo
Date: Apr 02 2007
We find the website very user-friendly and the services very helpful.
Thank you.
Date: Apr 02 2007
********** ** Dear HireLebanese Team,
Good Work, Excellent acheivemnets...
Through your website I had the chance to meet several High-qualified job seekers that I couldn't get through many paid advertising campaigns.
Keep Moving Forward.
All The Luck.
Lana S. Wehbi
General Manager
Star 5 Recruitment Office
Date: Apr 02 2007
This is a great website & a great idea, it shows how we are one nation, it sure did help alot between us.
Georges K.
Date: Apr 02 2007
Dir Sirs,

I would like to thank you very much for your brilliant idea in creating a website that cares about the needs of the Lebanese Job Seekers. Your gratified service has been very helpful to me. So, I want to thank you for your efforts and I wish you all the best in moving forward.

Date: Apr 02 2007
Dear Hire Lebanese Team

As I live abroad this website is a great channel that makes it possible for me to see what's on the job-market in Lebanon, as I am always looking for chances to move back.

Jamilla Kadra
Jamilla Kadra
Date: Apr 02 2007
Thank you for your efforts on this website, there are really various reputable companies trusting this website.

Keep up the good works.

Date: Apr 01 2007
Thanks for your efforts, hire Lebanese really honest and trusted by big companies, i have had 2 interviews up to date, Congratulations & thank you very much.

Date: Apr 01 2007
This is a great web site that helps alot in finding jobs. i had lots of interviews by the help of hirelebanese. keep on doing what u r doing guys
Mohanned Khodor
Mohanned Khodor
Date: Apr 01 2007
Well, this website is a great idea for us as lebanese to help each other in find jobs since this is the most problem our youth find and im ready for any support.
Samer Kahil
Date: Apr 01 2007
this is a good website. It helped me and a lot of people to find better jobs.
Date: Apr 01 2007
Dear HireLebanese team

I would like to thank you very much for providing us with this convenient free service. It has been very helpful in my line of business and has generated many good ideas and successful contacts.

Thanks again for your efforts and I wish you all the best moving forward!

Best Regards

Abir L
Assignments Manager
Abir L
Date: Apr 01 2007
Serious, reactive, dynamic and very useful job site!
Date: Apr 01 2007
It's a great website that values the skills of Lebanese job seekers.
I encourage you to keep on and make it the best site of its kind in the Middle East.
Georges Courson
Date: Apr 01 2007
a Super site...i got 3 callback from architects because of this site .....hirelebanese.com...thank you.......:)
Fady T.
Date: Apr 01 2007
Your Site is very active and i am pleased to check it almost every day. I was contacted once by a company from your side. The job wasn't good for me. But what i am sure of is that your are very serious in your job & i wich you the best.
Hala Siblini Sinno
Date: Apr 01 2007
I am a new customer of hirelebanese.com
so far I did not receivet any job offer
I hope that my experience with them will be fruitful soon.
Dr Luay Hajjar
Date: Apr 01 2007
Hire Lebanese is an excellent tool to reach out to lebanese human resources worldwide. Thanks and all the best to the website and to our beloved lebanon.
Elie Nammour
Date: Apr 01 2007
Dear Sir/Mme

I would like to thank all the members of hirelebanese for their hard work, and i would like to inform you that i was hired by a company that posted a job opportunity in your website, and that happened shortly after i became a member here and i was interviewed and accepted by many other companies as well so i chose the best one and i am working there now, since then i was telling my friends about your website and some of them also where contacted for interviews.
Thank you for being a great help for me and for others.

All regards,
Farah Soubra
Farah Soubra
Date: Apr 01 2007
What I like about the HireLebanese.com is the ease of use and that it is helping Lebanese people find jobs.
It is very easy to post a job and I can check the stats of all my jobs from the same place.

I wish you continuous success.

Moustafa Ghaddar
Moustafa Ghaddar
Date: Apr 01 2007
Well, i joined www.hirelebanese.com a month ago, so i am new here. But during this short period, i got lots of job offers. I think this is a good site for lebanese job seekers all over the world, cause it offers thousands and thousands of jobs. i like this site very much and i am telling all my friends about it.
khalil houchan
Date: Apr 01 2007
hey rabih i know its long time we didnt speak
bas i can tell u im promoting this site as i can and its working believe me
good experience
good luck
rana nakhle
rana nakhle
Date: Apr 01 2007
well i had many interviews in my country and outside it, thanks to hire lebanese because its really honest and trusted by big companies
fadi mayassi
Date: Apr 01 2007
EBLA Computer Consultancy thanks Hire Lebanese.com for the professionalism in cahnneling the right candidate for the right Vacancy, i was really satisfied with the Quality of Cv's encountered at the site promising to use your good database in the future.
Ahmad Hatoum
Date: Apr 01 2007
This is the best Vacancies web site specialy for Lebanese i ever seen.
Tarek Saleh
Date: Apr 01 2007
it is a great idea to have a lebanese website that cares about the need of job seekers
and i browse ur honorable site and i can say that it is perfect
thanks a lot
Fatima Nouhaily
Date: Apr 01 2007
An amazing website that pools the very best and most talented workforce from all over Lebanon. An employer's dream come true when it comes to finding the right person for the right job. Congratulations and keep up the excellent work...

M. Hamady
Kinnarps of Sweden
Saudi Arabia
Kinnarps of Sweden
Date: Apr 01 2007
i liked your site very much it's easy and not complicated . i have had more than 3 interviews in one month.
thank you very much
best regards.
Date: Apr 01 2007
Dear Hirelebanese.com,

Thank you for your invaluable service. I was able to secure at least one interview, in Lebanon of all places, while I used your web site to post my applications towards various prospective employers.
Compared to other web based recruitment services I believe you are the most powerful, yielding good results. Anyone who uses your web site frequently enough is guaranteed to at least secure one interview, given some time and patience and valid credentials.

Keep up the good work,

Patrick A.
Patrick Ardahalian